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All Day at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

A Multi-Generational Day taking in all the sites and sounds

On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, my family was able to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom on our last park day of our Easter trip to Walt Disney World. The trip included my wife, daughter, and my Mom (in addition to me, of course), and it was a great trip for all included.

For my Mom, it was her first trip to Walt Disney World since we took her to the Magic Kingdom way back in August 2006, nearly fifteen years ago!

The Magic Kingdom day was the culmination of three days of park visits. The first park day was spent at Epcot, the second day was at Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom was our last park day.

We knew coming into our trip that Mom is not a roller coaster/thrill junkie. However, that was not really a problem for us because we are able to visit Walt Disney World fairly regularly. So, as a result, the beauty of our day at the Magic Kingdom was that we were able to slow down, take in the sites that we don’t often notice as often, and make our park day a more relaxed experience for all of us.

On April 4th, the Magic Kingdom was scheduled to be open from 8AM until 9PM. We had a dining reservation for dinner at The Plaza Restaurant set for 4:50PM that afternoon. Other than that, the Park was our oyster, so to speak, and we could tackle it however we wanted to.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom without having had breakfast, so our first stop was to find some place to eat and get ready for some park action. We decided to try out the breakfast over at the Friar’s Nook. Cindy and my Mom had bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches that we ordered using Disney’s mobile order service, and Sophie and I went for the cinnamon-sugar doughnuts. All of the selections were good for those that ordered them.

After that, we started taking on some of the attractions. All told, we had a great day of it. Look at our list of attractions that we experienced:

We didn’t think we would be there much after our dinner reservation, but believe it or not, we closed down the park. We were having so much fun and seeing so much that it just made sense to stay!

I’m going to have a separate write up about the dinner experience we had at The Plaza Restaurant. It was very good and worth looking at in greater detail. In the meantime, take some time to enjoy some of the photos from the day!

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